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Yama Ploskonka requested a Mind Map showing the relationships among the OLPC and Sugar Labs organizations and communities, and their partners. Mokurai created one, and invites participation. Put yourself on the Editors List here, and e-mail [1]User:Mokurai.

  • Mokurai
  • Yama Ploskonka, who owes us a User page
  • You?

One Laptop Per Child

  • Mission
    • XO computer design and manufacture, initial software
    • Sales
    • Deployments
  • Partners
    • Brightstar
    • Red Hat
    • Quanta
    • Google
  • Volunteers

Sugar Labs

  • Mission

Sugar development and porting to all possible platforms

  • Partners
    • Red Hat

Earth Treasury

  • Mission

Whatever is necessary but out of scope for OLPC and Sugar Labs

    • Village electricity with Engineers Without Borders
    • Village Internet with OneVillage Foundtion, Ghana
    • Microfinance with Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria
    • Curriculum
    • Textbooks with FLOSS Manuals
  • Partners

More to come