Oversight Board/2009/Meeting Minutes-2009-10-16

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walter, bernie, tomeu, cjb. mchua, CanoeBerry, SeanDaly

A number of community members attended the meeting.


  1. sing the praises of our outgoing board members;
  2. to make sure that important board positions are filled;
  3. to touch base re the Decision Panel;
  4. to discuss changes to the Sugar trademark policy, and
  5. general goal-setting for the year.


Let the record show that SL greatly appreciates the efforts of our departing board members: marco, gregdek, and dfarning

<mchua> hear, hear.

We also welcomed our new board members: mchua, CanoeBerry, and SeanDaly

Filling positions

Before discussing the specifics of appointed positions (executive director, ombudsman, treasurer, and liaisons to the various Sugar teams and committees) we got into a discussion of by-laws and process. We decided that we did not have a concrete set of rules governing our various decision-making processes, e.g., what constitutes a quorum, etc. so we unanimously agreed to the form a Rules Committee (Mel and Tomeu) that will report back on recommendations at the next board meeting. In parallel, Adam agreed to contact Bert regarding the ombudsman position and Walter agreed to contact David regarding the Treasurer position.

Decision Panel on Sugar on a Stick

We discussed the DP process, but not the specifics of the SoaS DP. Several motions were made regarding setting time-limits on DPs and much of the discussion was focused on the merits of having a DP mechanism at all. We agreed to continue the discussion at the next meeting (and we expect to get at least a preliminary report from the active DP at that meeting).

Trademark Policy

We did not have time to discuss the proposed modifications of the trademark policy. Walter will be discussing the policy with the SFLA on Monday.


We did not have time to discuss our 2009–10 goals.

Next meeting

Friday, 23 October 2009 14:00 UTC


Meeting Log