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Hi everyone, I am Rahul Bothra (pro-panda).

My contributions,

I am excited by our goals and our potential, but I am also concerned that we are functioning in an inefficient manner.

Currently in the SLOB meetings,

  • A lot of the members are inactive. They don't attend the SLOB meetings or reply to motions, crippling our progress.
  • We don't have a concrete plan of our goals. We try to cover a lot of breath in our efforts, and end up working on things which are not related to our goals (eg: Sugar Social)
  • We drag work for a lot of time, (eg: ASLO v3) a direct result of inactive mentoring and checks during GSoC
  • Lack of concern about the number of developers working on Sugar and its activities. We are failing in attracting new consistent developers for it, despite being a popular organisation in the Google programs.
  • The selection of mentors and organisation admins for Google programs is a closed process.

What I will undertake once elected:

  • Attend every SLOB meeting regularly
  • Revamping how we conduct GCI and GSoC to attract more contributions as well as improve the quality of mentoring; making sure we prioritise tasks which are more important to us, adding more checks before adding developers, grooming of every task / project before it is added / selected.
  • Make a clear roadmap of our goals for the next 2 years in each domain of code, outreach, design and content. Start towards implementation of those goals according to priority.
  • Make sure everything (except any decision concerning only the board) are taken publicly and in an open environment