Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2012-02-28

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In attendance:

SLOB members: walterbender, cjb, alsroot, cjl, icarito

Community members including: robert (Robert Fadel), bkuhn (Bradley Kuhn --SFC), JT4sugar (John Tierney), Dogi (Stefan Unterhauser), bernie (Bernardo Innocenti), kaametza (Laura Vargas)


  1. Finances
  2. SFC Agreement
  3. SL Website
  4. GSOC


Robert reported on the SL finances. He is using GNUCash to maintain a shadow copy of the books maintained by the SFC. He'll be making regular reports at our meetings hence forth.

SFC Agreement

Bradley led a discussion of a request from the SFC to modify the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement between Sugar Labs and Conservancy to include a 10% overhead on revenues. The revision requires a unanimous agreement of the board, so we will circulate it by email, as not everyone was present.

SL Website

John requested that we hire someone(s) to finish the conversion to the new website. He agreed to put together a request for proposals so we can solicit bids for the work.


Walter reported that our application to Google Summer of Code was submitted. We are still recruiting mentors and project proposals.