Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2015-09-14

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In attendance: Walter, Adam Holt, Claudia, Jose Miguel, Gonzalo

From the community: Quozl`, ignacio


  1. trademark
  2. Google programs
  3. RED
  4. Website


Tony from the SFC requested funding to file an affidavits required to maintain the registration of Sugar Labs' trademarks with the USPTO. The filing fees amount to $100/registered mark, or $200, and are required to maintain the registrations.

We agreed to fund the maintenance fee.

Google programs

We acknowledged the GSoC program and discussed whether or not to apply for GCI. Walter agreed to solicit mentors as a determining factor.


Claudia, Jose Miguel, and Walter report on progress on Sugar articles for the upcoming RED journal


Sam P. i soliciting feedback for the new website [1]