Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2016-04-01

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Oversight board members
walterbender, llaske, Canoeberry, tony376, Claudia, JM, ElVerma
Community members
kaametza, GrannieB, icarito, samsongoddy, Quozl', davelab6, cjl, satellit_e, tonyF


  1. GSoC (walterbender, 19:02:09) #
  2. I18n (walterbender, 19:07:28)
  3. Sugar Vision (walterbender, 19:45:27)
  4. Proposal for rules of removal and appointment of SLOB members (walterbender, 19:58:49)
  5. Treasurer motion


Walter reported that we had 62 applications, of which 23 seem to be serious candidates, We will narrow the field down over the next week and submit a proposal to Google for the number of slots requested.


Tony led a discussion of the Translation Manager role. Adam and Walter suggested a reporting schedule be added to the list of duties.

Tony will circulate a revised proposal ASAP for an email vote.

Due to the impasse regarding the manager role, we did not discuss any other i18n proposals at the meeting.


Lionel led a discussion regarding a update to the Sugar Labs vision statement. It is a working document and edits are welcome.


Adam made a motion, seconded by Walter

In keeping with the board 2010's decision on this matter from a different era, it was suggest that if a Board Member (1) fails to vote and attend pre-scheduled Board meetings for more than 12 weeks, (2) resigns or (3) dies, then the Board is empowered and encouraged to appoint a replacement for this seat. Finally, just a clarification that the Replacement Board Member would be required to defend their seat during the very next election.

The motion passed unanimously, 7 votes in favor.


We briefly discussed a proposal by GrannieB to create a treasurer position. It was pointed out that we have such a position already, but it is unfilled. No suggestions were made as to how we fill that position.

There was some discussion regarding whether or not to give the treasurer a discretionary spending budget. We await an argument as to why this is necessary as no evidence was presented.


The meeting log is available at [1].