Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2019-02-01

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Board members
Walter Bender, James Cameron (chair), Samson Goddy, Lionel Laské, Alex Perez, Devin Ulibarri, and Claudia Urrea.


Community members
Peter Ifeanyi, Caryl Bigenho, Iqra Muhammad, Ibiam Chihurumnaya, and Peace Ojemeh.


  • Receive report from Membership and Elections Committee,
  • Receive report from Google Code-in project team,
  • Remake Music LLC,
  • Marketing update,
  • SCALE 17x,
  • Discussion of 2019 goals.

Receive Reports

Reports were made by Membership and Elections Committee and the Google Code-in project team.

We discussed;

  • the meaning of participation,
  • that registration with Google Code-in was separate,
  • that selecting a task didn't mean work was submitted,
  • the data is available but to protect participants' privacy cannot be published,
  • the data can be made available to board members on the understanding that it may not be published,
we formally receive the reports from Membership and Elections Committee, and Google Code-in project team (motion 2018-08).

Remake Music LLC

Walter and Devin have formed a company and declared a conflict of interest.

We discussed;

  • to provide professional teaching services and support to teachers and schools for using Music Blocks in the classrooms,
  • conflict of interest forms have been reviewed by our project representative and sent to the Conservancy,
  • whether Walter and Devin need to recuse from this motion.
we formally receive report on and notification of conflict of interest with respect to Remake Music LLC.

Marketing update

Samson has been reaching out to schools, makers club, and planning. An overview of a plan was submitted. Draft goals for 2018 were used. A school in Port Harcourt is deploying Sugar on a Stick for desktop computers.

We discussed;

  • that the marketing team is not a committee but a group of volunteers, the board remains responsible for marketing, and supervises marketing,
  • that there is an educational team which has shared intent,
  • there are other teams the board does not supervise,
  • there are more contributors from Port Harcourt for Music Blocks,
  • that Walter has been talking with the Kano team, and that things are picking up in Brazil,

We did not come to any decision.


Alex is planning to attend SCALE for Sugar Labs. SCALE is a volunteer-run Linux and Open Source conference held in California.

We discussed;

  • when and where to ship the standing poster (not answered),
  • other volunteer-run conferences, such as linux.conf.au,
  • who else is attending; Caryl, Alex's wife, and one other,
  • costs of registration, travel and accommodation,
  • display will include OLPC XO-1 laptops,
  • how and where to accommodate the team,
  • who else might be invited to help; Sameer and Aaron,
  • recruiting developers,
to cover reasonable lodging and marketing expenses related to SCaLE attendance and promotion of Sugar and Sugar Labs, not to exceed $2,000.

Discussion of 2019 goals

We discussed;

  • Goals/2018_Submissions
  • Caryl offered educational team goals https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eciIMFffPT2oXJulOqV7iNh1DUXrsTNI7ZAcGNQxIus “Develop written guides, in multiple languages, for using Sugar Activities on a variety of of platforms to help students reach stated educational goals.” and “Curate and create a collection of visual media resources showing ways to use a variety of forms of Sugar on a variety of platforms inside and outside the classroom”
  • key goals are maintaining community and activities,
  • adding activities, not removing activities by ignoring them, and that we have maintainers for 52 activities out of several hundred,
  • we are close to being dropped by downstream distributions due to technical debt,
  • we might recruit, offer inducements, incentives, bounties, or rewards,

We did not come to any decision.

Meeting closed at 21:11