Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2019-05-03

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Board members
Walter Bender (chair), James Cameron (late), Samson Goddy, Lionel Laské, Alex Perez, and Devin Ulibarri.


Community members
Dave Crossland.


Receive Report from Google Summer of Code Sugar Labs organisation administrator

Walter Bender made a report;

  • we accepted nine students,
  • we cannot announce until 6th May,
  • will be organising a weekly meeting,

We did not make a decision.

Google Season of Docs

We were not accepted.

We discussed;

  • reason; we had no project ideas on our web site,
  • better try next year,

We did not make a decision.

Sugar workshop, Nigeria, Kano

Was a success.

We discussed;

  • attendee count,
  • photographs, including of children,

We did not make a decision.

Leaving the Software Freedom Conservancy

Conservancy has suggested we leave, given the difficulties we have encountered.

We discussed,

  • how Sugar Labs was formed, and the advice received on this in 2008,
  • downsides are the time and money required,
  • upsides are autonomy and independence,
  • the need for professional advice,
  • the 501(c)3 model,
  • departure is defined in the agreement with the Conservancy,
  • trademarks and copyright move to the newly formed organisation,
  • Conservancy may place conditions on the new organisation as consent,
  • other organisations we might partner with,
  • cost of creating the organisation,
  • where the funds may be obtained from,

We decided to proceed, and further discussion will be private.

we form a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with the intent of moving sugar labs resources, infrastructure, and funds to said new organization, with the ultimate goal being termination of the existing agreement between Sugar Labs and the SFC


A report was made.

Meeting closed at around 21:04.