Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2020-05-27

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Sugar Labs Meeting

SLOBS Meeting 05/27/20 at 20:00UTC

Meeting Notes

Alex to reach out to both Rahul and Ibiam; check in to see how everyone is doing; we will come back to this in two weeks.

IRC Discussion – Wait for Rahul and Ibiam's input. We have discussed this. There are benefits of both systems – perhaps a hybrid solution.


Unanimous in favor of Caryl. We will send vote out to hear from Ibiam and Rahul. If a week goes by without input, the vote goes to majority. Ibiam joined later and is in favor of Caryl as well.


James and Ibiam to work together and put together a proposal of what they would be doing.

We need a scope, and the scope's evaluation. We are interested in possibly having hiring both James and Ibiam at their respective rates. We ask for their proposal under the assumption that they would both work together.

Please propose what you can do given 30, 60, and 90 hours.

We will pay a maximum of 10 hours at their respective asking rates for the proposal. (We can approve more hours if needed, later.)

(Agreed by Claudia, Lionel, Devin and Alex. Ibiam and James were not present for the discussion and the vote. Devin to send an email to Rahul to ask for his vote.)


James says that things are going well. He sent a request to receive feedback on how the mentees are doing, and if they are involving themselves in the greater community.


Ibiam could send someone to Rwanda. Claudia asks if we can start by reaching out to those we have already worked with, for example Julia Renolds (sp?).