Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2020-06-10

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2020-06-10 SLOBS Meeting

In attendance: Lionel, Rahul, and Devin

Google Code-in has ended

No more GCI as announced by Google this morning (Stephanie Taylor). Should inform community via IAEP and Sugardevel list – Devin to send message.

Caryl and OLPC Pakistan

Caryl has asked Devin to find out what OLPC Pakistan wants as part of her request for helping with 1023.

We did some research and found: https://www.patheducation.org/?fbclid=IwAR0i82RHhaId6mqHmasaYcquajalFDYjvz92JGx656tDixcLlicryBIHW14

hr.rahnuma@gmail.com seems to be contact person.

GSOC 2020

Lionel Report

Progress is going well

1. Development of activities, a few games 2. Mind mathematics – to compute an operation (arithmetic) (Something about a sever)


Showed some example projects for Music Blocks. Shared Aviral’s work on scale degree.


Port Sugar Activities to Python 3 Good opportunity to revisit projects