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The Sugar Server Kit initiative is an attempt to achieve the following major goals:

  • Provide a split between the community level project (Sugar Server Kit) and any number of downstream solutions based on the community project. This should stimulate the downstream community to contribute to this upstream community project, facilitating reuse of its experience in all other downstreams;
  • Treat the community project as a collection of useful tools, created and supported by community contributors, that might be composed into a final deployment solution on purpose, i.e., Sugar Server Kit is not an OS or a final solution, but rather a bunch of tools that might be launched on any major GNU/Linux distribution at the deployment level. And because some of these tools might be implemented in several ways, it should make the acceptance process of new features by upstream more flexible;
  • The whole system should be as reliable as possible. Thus, the community project will provide a decent testing environment (several levels of automatic and human driven tests at the top level), which might be used not only for Sugar Server Kit itself, but for deployment solutions as well;
  • Be GNU/Linux distribution agnostic, different deployments might decide to use different GNU/Linux distributions;
  • It is not only about supporting XO laptops, but about any Sugar based environments.