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The list of major features that this repository has, on top of pristine Sucrose, with information how to configure them.

Improved Telepathy related code

A part of Telepathy related code was rewritten to try to minimize regressions from Glucose-0.88 code. The goal is to make Shell's Telepathy related functionality the same level stable as it was in 0.88 before total redesigning Telepathy related code.

Disabled reusing of system users while registration

In pristine Sucrose, this feature is enabled by default. That means that system user will be reused as Sugar nickname while Sugar initial startup. To revert original behavior, set /desktop/sugar/user/default_nick GConf key to system.

Registration on school servers is disabled by default

Sugar Shell support registration on OLPC XS school server. Sweets Distribution does not provide OLPS XS and this functionality is disabled by default. To revert original behavior, set /schemas/desktop/sugar/show_register GConf key to true.

Closer integration with login managers

Sugar Shell will reuse language setting from GDM manager, #2603.