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Sweets Distribution repositories: | 0.88 | 0.94 | 0.94:SugarNetwork | Factory |

These are technical pages regarding the Sweets Distribution. Read overview pages for getting introduction and usage instructions.


Sweets Distribution is a part of Harmonic Distribution effort and is responsible for base software.

Sweets Distributions packages form two major parts:

  • Sweets Desktop
    Sucrose, desktop environment of Sugar Learning Platform;
  • Sweets Server
    Server Kit components to create school servers to support Sugar Learning Platform.


Sweets Distribution provides the repositories mentioned in Sweets Distribution Linkbar list at the top of this page. All repositories except Factory are assumed to be stable (on platforms they support). The Factory repository is a currently developing trunk and should be used only for testing purposes.

Each repository page contains information about the content of this repository and how to configure it. That might be useful for downstream distributions.

See the supported platforms map to know what repositories are supported on what platforms.

Downstream distributions

These distributions are based on Harmonic Distribution:

See also


  • Submit your bug report or feature request.
  • Subscribe to the sugar-devel mailing list and email with the subject prefixed with [SWEETS].
  • Ask your question on IRC channels, #sugar (not logged) or #sugar-newbies (logged).