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This page is designed to gather general questions about Sugar, Sugar on <some device or system>, or Sugar Labs.

The Find help page has links to several resources, and each Team has a FAQ page that may hold a question or answer. But if your question is general or basic, such as, what's the difference between Sugar and Sugar on a Stick, or what is an operating system, here is a good place to post your question.

Our community can provide feedback, partial answers, clarifications, or more questions to help everyone learn more about Sugar and Sugar Labs.

In time, the content of these pages will help to build better FAQ pages, and new collaboration tools for the public. Some questions will lead to whole new articles for our wiki.

  • To ask a question, just click the edit tab at the top right of this page (you must be signed in).
  • The page will open in edit mode and you will have a text field to enter your question or answers.
  • Follow the template below, where === characters surround the Question, and : or :: precede the Answer or Comment.
  • Don't worry about the format or messing up someone else's work. All changes are saved and can be recovered from the page history. Other collaborators will help format your entries.


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