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4GiB SD or 2GiB USB made with Fedora liveUSB-Creator (in Windows or Fedora 11) using F11 GNOME i686 LIVE.iso with a 700 Persistence file

  Fedora F11 (Leonidas)/ 0.84.2 Sugar.
  • log in live user account
  • connect wireless
  • Create 2 new users(sugar)and("USER") in user manager
  • log out/switch users/and log in to this New user("USER")
  • NOTE:("USER") is what ever you call your gnome system
  • Add Software/Packages/Sugar Desktop(#)
  • Do Update-(4GiB only)
  • boot SD by auto log in (Live user) make a wireless connection.
  • switch user (Live user) and Log in to ("USER") and start Gnome desktop.
  • switch users to (SUGAR) select sugar on bottom bar/ log in.
  • In Sugar Desktop you can see others on the jabber server. Connect to IRC ,Browse, and (chat both locally and via Jabber).
  You log out of (SUGAR) then (USER) then cancel log in screen to shut down the system from here.

!!!You MUST use "Logout" to exit sugar session as "Shutdown" and "restart" options will hang the system.

If you log into sugar from the  (live user) account and then reboot to Gnome using the switcher bar,
eventually the network manager goes missing and it pulses and cannot connect to wireless in sugar. 
The BUG of loosing the network manager does not seem to appear in a real installation of sugar in F11b.
This may be due to problems with using the live user account on the SD card with the sugar desktop and wireless network manager


  • USB/SD Gets corrupted if do an system update.
 This seems to depend on size of SD or USB. 4 GB or larger work
  • Install to Hard Disk Icon cannot be deleted permanently - DANGER can affect guest computer installation if used.
  • (You can click on properties and set permissions to not run as a program for protection in user accounts.)
  • Must add user for SUGAR Access or will corrupt Network manager when switching between Gnome and Sugar Desktops in Live User.
  • Hangup of system if "Logout" not used to return to Gnome (Live user user) from SUGAR Desktop SUGAR (user) before shutting down of system
  • Do not try to load liveusb Creator on USB or SD it will crash system

Network control panel only shows page down to "Collaboration"; unable to get to Jabber Field on bottom of page with 800x600 resolution

(Use "sugar-control-panel" command in terminal to change jabber.servers)

BUG reported #830; need vertical slider bar on Network Panel of Control Panel