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== Info ==

This is a special purpose server used for hosting surveying tools for the Membership and Election Committee. It was first created in [ 2015] and kept dormant until 2017 it was used again for the same purpose, and adding Ignacio as sysadmin.

== Services ==

Currently only to receive email verification requests from Ignacio's Flask verify script.

== Sysadmin procedures ==

Document here when necessary. Currently no passwords are used, only ssh keys for login. Sugar Labs admins may login from the virsh console on Freedom without further credentials for root.

== Location ==

This is a vm running of Freedom. Allocated 2GB Ram + 20GB Storage.

== Network configuration ==

* Currently using dynamically asigned IP. Need own IP.

== Backups ==

None at the moment.

== Admins ==

Admins with root access:

* Ignacio
* [[User:Sebastian|Sebastian Silva]], icarito on #sugar Freenode
* Laura


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