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Sugar Labs/Governance/Committees

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The committee oversees membership applications, reviews the [[Sugar_Labs/Members/List|membership list]] for currency once per year, runs an election of the [[Oversight Board]], and runs any [[Sugar_Labs/Governance#Referenda|referenda]].
Liaison is laura AT somosazucar dot orgyet to be decided.
The [[Oversight Board]] appoints a liaison though a normal motion procedure. Any member may join this committee.
!Elections Run
|[[Oversight_Board/Decisions#2017-11-03|November 2017]]
|[[User:SVerma|Sameer Verma]], [[User:Chimosky|Ibiam Chihurumnaya]], Hrishi Patel, and [[User:GeeKrypter|Pericherla Seetaramaraju]].
|[[Oversight_Board/2018-2020-candidates|Late in 2018]].

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