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Google Code In 2017/background

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lionel points out that setting up sugar desktop environment not necessary for sugarizer, so move that to separate section.
Read [[Attribution and Licensing]], as both are important for all submissions.
=== Setting up the Sugar a Sugarizer environment ===
Use your computer. === Setting up a Sugar desktop environment === There are several options for setting up the Sugar desktop environment for development, depending on what equipment you have;
{| class="wikitable"
| Linux, Windows, macOS, or iOS
| Install virtualisation software, make a new virtual machine and install [[Live Build|Sugar Live Build]], [[SoaS|Sugar on a Stick]], [[Ubuntu]], [[Fedora]], or [[Debian]].
For Sugarizer, your could use your computer.
| Linux
! Works as a Virtual Machine
| yes || yes || yes
! Good for Sugarizer development
| colspan="3" | no, use your normal computer

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