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Summer of Code/2018/Archive

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Non-Coding Project Ideas
== Non-Coding Project Ideas ==
'''The projects listed below are of real interest to Sugar Labs. But because GSoC projects must involve some coding. Nonprogramming, these non-coding projects have been moved into this pagecannot be done as part of that program. Move them back by adding coding to If you are nonetheless interested in pursuing one of these projects, please contact project the projectsmentor(s).''' 
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;Brief explanation: [ Sugarizer] is a large collection of many Activities suitable for general audiences. This project will package a subset of the Activities (Minimum of 10 activities) suitable for children with a target age of 4-7 (grades Pre-K-2) and with a friendly UI/UX experience.
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#f7effc;" |Create Examples, Compositions, and New Experiments Every Day! <br>[[File:Music-Blocks.png|90px|thumb|center]]
| valign=top width="15%" | Walter Bender<br>Devin Ulibarri<br>Sachiko Nakajima
| align=left valign=top |
;Brief explanation: [ Music Blocks] has some examples already, but it would be nice to have one ambitious student really work for the summer to make new creative, thoughtful code everyday. Secondary, but important goals, are bug reports when bugs are found, feature suggestions, and overall good and frequent communication with the Music Blocks team.
;Expected results: Quality examples sent daily; variety of styles; runs entire gamut in terms of blocks used (we want a number of great examples for each and every block feature); organized documentation of all examples created, which can be finalized in the final weeks of GSoC
;Knowledge prerequisites: Understanding of Music Blocks as a programming language; A good proposal is one that has a well-thought out and detailed list of music projects for each day of GSoC (time-frames, blocks used, musical styles, name of music to be transcribed); experience with music and composition/theory is a definite plus.

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