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Summer of Code/2018

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Project Ideas
== Project Ideas ==
'''GSoC projects must involve some coding. Non-coding projects have been moved to the [[Summer of Code/Archive|Non-Coding Projects Page]].'''
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#f7effc;"|Music Blocks exporrt export <br>[[File:Music-Blocks.png|90px|thumb|center]]
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#f7effc"| Walter Bender<br>Devin Ulibarri<br>Sachiko Nakajima
| align=left valign=top style="background:#f7effc;"|
;Expected results: Sugar Primero will be available for free from all of the app stores
;Knowledge prerequisites: Knowledge of JavaScript, some knowledge of Primary school curriculum.
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#fcfcfc;"|Music Blocks inline documentation <br>[[File:Music-Blocks.png|90px|thumb|center]]
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#fcfcfc"| Walter Bender<br>Devin Ulibarri<br>Sachiko Nakajima
| align=left valign=top style="background:#fcfcfc;"|
;Brief explanation: There are three types of documentation for Music Blocks: documentation about how individual blocks work; short coding examples; and lesson plans. This project is about the first two. We can add inline comments to each block as it is defined in basicblocks.js from which help can be autogenerated for each block. And we can utilize the "make block" mechanism to generate on-the-fly examples of how to use blocks in combination to achieve different musical goals. The former will require some JavaScript programming; the latter, Music Blocks programming.
;Expected results: In-line documentation for each block as well as in-line Music Blocks-coded examples of the core music ideas.
;Knowledge prerequisites: UI knowledge; JavaScript knowledge; some background in music.

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