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Summer of Code/2018

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Project Ideas
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#f7effc;" |Just say no to GTK2
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#f7effc;" | Ignacio Rodriguez<br>Cristian Garcia<br/>Abhijit Patel<br>Ibiam Chihurumnaya<br/>Hrishi Patel| align=left valign=top style="background:#f7effc;"|
;Brief explanation: GTK2 and GST0.10 are end of life. We need to upgrade the remaining activities with these dependencies.
;Expected results: New versions of at least 25 existing Sugar activities.
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#fcfcfc;" |Sugar Labs Social<br>[[File:Social Site.jpg|90px|thumb|center]]
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#fcfcfc;" | Jaskirat Singh<br>Samson Goddy<br>Hrishi Patel<br>Shivang Shekhar<br>perriefidelis
Abdulazeez Abdulazeez
| align=left valign=top style="background:#fcfcfc;"|
;Brief explanation: '''[ Sugar Labs Social]''' is a website project which should serve a purpose to help people understand and discuss project(s) around Sugar Labs. The goal of this project is to attract Teachers, Parents, Developers and fully communicate together in one platform. : It's a social website that can be used to attract maximum users and everything ( Blogs, New projects, Software, Activities, etc) can be uploaded on it which will attract more user and create their interest. : A competitive proposal must include some evidence that the approach taken will result in some use -- just because we build it doesn't mean they will come.
;Expected results: It should have user logins, feed and a blog([ medium] like) that can be over viewed by people around the world

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