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Summer of Code/2018

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Project Ideas
;Expected results: In-line documentation for each block as well as in-line Music Blocks-coded examples of the core music ideas.
;Knowledge prerequisites: UI knowledge; JavaScript knowledge; some background in music.
|valign=top width="15%" style="background:#f7effc;"|Making a Beginner Guide
| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#f7effc;"| Jaskirat Singh<br>Walter Bender<br>Hrishi Patel<br/>Rishabh Thaney<br>Shivang Shekhar<br/>Samson Goddy
Abdulazeez Abdulazeez
| align=left valign=top style="background:#f7effc;"|
;Brief explanation: We don't have a beginner guide for the newcomers to the Sugar labs Community. It would be great to guide them by guiding them how to contribute through making these "form where to start? , What to start? , How to start? , Where to submit? " . An example is the Coala [ Newcomers' Guide] which is built from [ markdown source]. The goal of this task is to Help newcomers to get introduce in easy way to the world of Sugar Labs also make a dasboard for the users so they can get about developed and developing areas. Their contribution can be seen also their presence can be seen with the community.
;Expected results: A set of website pages and also documentation in Pdf form with this the problems of newcomers about their contribution will be solved and they can work easily. It is essential to this project that there is a credible maintenance regime to ensure it is easy to keep it up to date after GSoC is completed.
;Knowledge prerequisites: HTML, CSS, JavaScript(interactive) , BootStrap(responsive nav compatible on mobile devices also), PHP(dashboard), Github workflow, Markdown/up for documentation.

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