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Summer of Code/2018/Making a Beginner Guide

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Project Proposal Information
===Project Proposal Information===
====Proposal Abstract====
:* Working to make a beginner guide for the newcomers to the Sugar labs Community. A platform for guiding them how to contribute to making these:
::* <u>Where to start?</u>
::* <u>What to start?</u>
::* <u>How to start?</u>
::* <u>Where to submit?</u>
:* We need to convert the markdown and grasp the information from different places to bring all the information at a single place which can also be used as ''''''
:* The goal will be to help newcomers to get introduced in an easy way to the world of SugarLabs.
:* Working on to make a dashboard for the users so they can get to know about developed and developing areas. Their contribution can be seen also their presence can be seen in the community.

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