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Summer of Code/2018/Making a Beginner Guide

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Counterpart the Risks
===Counterpart the Risks===
* '''Risk [[#1]]: your beginner guide does not help a beginner'''
::* Currently Sugar Labs has multiple newcomers guides in the forms of a book, [ Sugar Wiki], and [ sugardoc], I will try to recompile them and bring all the resource at a single place with proper inter-linking, It’ll facilitate proper navigation.
::* Now instead of having multiple newcomer guides resources, we can add all the resources in one place.
::* I have large student community at my college. I have a thought of organizing Sugar Labs online seminar, where we can guide them about Open Source contribution, and direct them to the newcomer guide.
::* So, it will provide me raw feedback from them and I can improve that guide further, in case many students are facing the same problem also it will increase more number of the contributors to sugarlabs.
* '''Risk [[#2]]; Beginner guide conflicts with other information'''
::* Those formats will be used which are generally acceptable and maintained by everyone.
::* Basic Html 5 tags and CSS attributes will be utilized.
::* Throughout the development only open-source software and technologies like [ Bootstrap], [ Angular], [ NodeJs], [ Material] etc will be used.
::* To convert Html files to markdown
::* The open Source software will be used to convert the completed website in a good layout pdf.
::* Remove information from the current existing guide and put the link to new guide at those places and linked properly for proper navigation.
===Project and the community===

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