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Google Code In 2018

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general tasks
# Bugzilla clean up (Quality assurance)
# Refactor Turtle graphics to adopt look of Javascript version (Code: Python)
# Refactor Planet server for Turtle Blocks (Code: Python)
# Write a Pinetrest plugin for the Sugar Journal (Code: Python)
# Investigate CSound/Python version of Music Blocks (Code: Python)
# Visualize turtle movements in Pitch-Time Matrix (Code: Javascript)
# Visualize turtle pitch in Music Blocks widget (Code: Javascript)
# Write a JavaScript version of [ Turtle Confusion] (Code: JavaScript)
# Write a extruder in JavaScript to convert from SVG to STL for 3D printing. (Code: JavaScript)
# Write a slicer in JavaScript to convert between SL and GCODE for 3D printing. (Code: JavaScript)
# Resolve an open issue from (Code: JavaScript)
# Rewrite turtleblocksjs server ( using NodeJS, express ( may be a good module to use (Code: Javascript)
Mentors: please feel free to add more tasks and/or add yourself as a potential mentor to an existing task.

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