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Sugar on a Stick

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Known bugs
==== Known bugs ====
* Journal obscures Home screen on startup {{Issue|769}} [ Fedora downstream bug]
*: Fix by pressing the F1 (Neighborhood) key to connect to a wireless access point, if present.
*: Then press the F3 (Home) key.
* Network control panel fails to open {{Bug|4990}} ([ Fedora downstream bug])
*: Try this repair from a Terminal window:
*:: {{Code|sudo sed -i s/NMClient/NM/ usr/share/sugar/extensions/cpsection/network/}}
*: An update to the Sugar components , sugar-0.112-5.fc29, is pending testingavailable.*:: {{Code|sudo dnf upgrade sugar*}}
* Reboot returns to initial start Name screen sequence {{Bug|4991}}
* No neighbors in Neighborhood view with {{Bug|4992}}

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