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Oversight Board/2018-2020-candidates/Lionel Laské

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* Sugarizer contents grow regularly and we could expect that it allow us to expand our user base. But SugarLabs lack of maintainer for Sugar core and for Sugar activities. We need to be clear about which platforms we want to maintain and allow resources on it, including funds if need. But we need to be clear also about platforms and activities we are unable to maintain and mark it deprecated.
* We've done a good job with Google partnership with GSoC and GCI. But too much source code are just throw away at the end of GSoC and too much mentors are useless or are just unable to do the task they mentor. We need a real process to qualify projects and mentors for future GSoC and GCI: writing an idea in a wiki page should not be a way to qualify a project, attending a meeting should not be a way to qualify a good mentor.
* We are an open source community. It should be asserted on our webpage and we must choose tools compatible with that philosophy. It's not acceptable than for example that today the SugarLabs webpage include multiple tracking tools.
With the help of other SLOB members, my wish is to try to solve these issues in next 2 years and to be sure that all of us could be proud to work on the leading learning platform.
Thanks for your attention and thanks in advance for your support.

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