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Sugar Labs/Current Events

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Sugar in the news
==Sugar in the news==
|align=right valign=top|14 Dec 2018||'''PR Times JA''' – [ 2020年必修化のためのプログラミング学習ソフト「Music Blocks」教員向け研究会 参加者募集中 ~経済産業省『「未来の教室」実証事業』] Programming learning software for 2020 compulsory "Music Blocks" Recruiting participants for faculty members ~ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Future classroom" demonstration project
|align=right valign=top|14 Dec 2018||'''PR Times JA''' – [ 話題のプログラミング教育を体験しよう!] Programming education with Music Blocks
|align=right valign=top|31 Aug 2018||'''GMO''' – [ Fusion of programming and art, mathematics. Gakken × "Music Blocks" プログラミングとアート、数学の融合。学研×「Music Blocks」]

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