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Oversight Board/Minutes

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<noinclude>{{TeamHeader|Oversight Board|roadmap_link=Oversight Board/Vision|roadmap_label=Vision}}</noinclude>
<div style="font-size: 1.0em; background: #daffd5; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid #cde7a8" align=left>The Oversight board holds regular monthly meetings on the first Friday of each month at 16 UTC on (channel: #sugar-meeting).Please [[#Questions for upcoming meeting|add a topic]] you want to discuss with Oversight board members and join the [[#Next meeting|next meeting]]. Hint: You can use an [ online time calculator] to convert from UTC to your local time zone or back. The Sugar Labs Meetings calendar is available in a variety of formats at these links: <span class="plainlinks"> [ {{filepath:XML.gif}}] [ {{filepath:ICal.gif}}] [ {{filepath:HTML.gif}}].</span>
The Sugar Labs [[Oversight_Board|Oversight Board]] "shall meet at least once per quarter to discuss various topics pertaining to the regular activities of the Sugar Labs Project and Sugar. (It is expected that more frequent meeting will be required in the early stages of the program.) The minutes to these meetings shall be posted publicly on the Sugar Labs wiki,"
[[Sugar Labs/Governance/Committees|Committee]] reports will be a regular part of the meetings.
The meeting is mainly targeted to Sugar Oversight Board, but everyone interested is welcome to join. It's primary purpose is to discuss general issues related to Sugar and the Sugar community; however, it is not intended as a replacement for the weekly developer meetings.
== Questions for upcoming meeting ==
If you have an idea or a question to discuss with Oversight Board members gathered in one place at the same time, please [[Wiki_Team/Guide/Editing_Pages#How_to_edit_one_section|add new entry]] to the list below, at least prior to ~48 hours before the [[#Next meeting|scheduled time]] to let the meeting chairman form the final agenda and/or contact with you if so.
* ''add question/topic with detailed information here''
The discussion topics for upcoming meetings are listed [[#Agenda items|below]]. Topics will be collected between meetings, triaged by the meeting chair, and send out in the meeting announcement on ~24 hours before the meeting. A reminder to add topics will be announced in the [[Sugar_Labs/Current_Events|Sugar Digest]].
==Meetings ==
=== Past meetings ===

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