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== Present ==
;Board members: Walter Bender, Lionel Laské, Devin Ulibarri, James Cameron, Samson Goddy, Alex Perez, and Claudia Urrea(from 20:44 UTC).
== Visitors ==
;Community members: Rahul Bothra and Peace Ojemeh.
=== Google Summer of Code 2018 Stipends ===
Normally the stipends can be requested by the mentors, but the mentors agreed not to request, but suggested that the money be used for marketing. See [[Oversight_Board/Decisions#2016-06-10|MOTION 2016-34]] and [ mailing list post].
;PENDING MOTION 2019-01: Preserve the unpaid GSoC 2018 stipend for marketing purposes, and thank the mentors who suggested this.
We discussed;
* mentors made this agreement in private (Subject "GSoC mentor stipend" on October 11th),
* that there was no plan in the motion,
* decision-making processthat Conservancy is unlikely to let us spend any money without a plan,* mentors made this agreement in private (Subject "GSoC mentor stipend" on October 11th)past undermining of decisions,* [...]need for consensus as a control for undermining,* role of the liaison or project representative,
We did not come to an agreement. Next action is to write a marketing plan together.
Walter asked us to consider our participation in Google Summer of Code 2019.
We discussed;
* decision to be made by 23rd January,
* quantity of project ideas,
* organisational administrator(s),
* benefits and costs, including exposure to broader FOSS community,
* process to select project ideas,
* process to select mentors,
* the Sugar Labs [ GSoC] repository,
* hidden development conversations,
We agreed to participate.

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