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* Once you download, and then burn or load a Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) .iso file, and boot it, the running Fedora 30 SoaS Live CD/USB may be used to install Fedora with Sugar to a hard disk or a 4 GB USB stick [[Tutorials/Installation/Install with liveinst|with the '''{{Code|liveinst}} command''']].
:- You start with a SoaS LiveOS image, and then load an uncompressed version onto the hard disk or USB stick.
:- The Fedora-17-Live-SoaS.iso file is a 509 MB download.
* If you have a high-speed Internet connection,<br>'''Fedora with the Sugar graphical learning environment''' may be installed to a hard disk or a a 4 GB USB stick [[Tutorials/Installation/Install with netinstall|with a '''Netinstall CD''']].

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