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Sugarizer Saint-Ouen deployment

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Link on Saint-Ouen city
== History ==
The [ -sur-Seine Saint-Ouen] deployment started in 2014 with the deployment of 25 XO-4 at the Mendela school by [ OLPC France].
In 2017 with replaced the 25 XO-4 by 25 tablets Lenovo Tab 2 A10-30 on Sugarizer OS bought with the help of the L'Oreal Fondation.
Considering the positive feedbacks of teachers on field and its wish to deploy Android tablets in schools, the Saint-Ouen city decided in 2018 to launch a large deployment of Sugarizer in schools.
A partnership was set between Saint-Ouen city, the Inspection Academique (depending of French minister of education) and OLPC France.
== First phase of deployment ==

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