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Fedora 30

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not working
"<pwhalen> satellit, if you replace the initramfs with this one -
<pwhalen> it will boot. Thanks for bringing this to our attention."
*may 15:
<pwhalen> satellit, mount the sd, the look for the partition labelled boot
<pwhalen> might be easiest to then right click and open in terminal, then 'su -c "wget"'
<pwhalen> then 'sudo mv initramfs-5.0.9-301.fc30.armv7hl.img.1 initramfs-5.0.9-301.fc30.armv7hl.img'
<pwhalen> should od it
<pwhalen> or do it even
<pwhalen> and we'll get it fixed for f31. As it is it will only work in qemu.
*workstation stops at starting GDM

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