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* Use a Virtual Machine. Using Virtual Machines on Mac is highly efficient due to its high processing speed. This complements the normal PCs in running multiple VMs. Refer to the [[VirtualBox|Sugar on VirtualBox guide for Mac OS.]]
* Install a side-by-side Fedora OS, and follow the instructions given [[#Fedora|here]]
== Raspberry Pi ==
Raspberry Pi are a series of small, low cost, low power computers.
Sugar can be run on a Raspberry Pi. You will need a display, keyboard and mouse.
As of August 2017, the best to use is Sugar on a Stick, as it has many activities and has regular security updates. See [[#Raspberry_Pi | Sugar on a Stick]] for how to download and install it. Sugar on a Stick is a spin of Fedora.
Other methods are;
* using [[#Fedora|Fedora]],
* using [[#Debian|Debian]],
* using [[#Ubuntu|Ubuntu]].
Developers may focus on either Fedora or Debian when setting up a development environment for Sugar on Raspberry Pi, because Sugar development on generic computers is focused on those operating systems.

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