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Getting Started

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== About Sugar ==
Sugar is a constructionist learning desktop environment that is an alternative to the ones typically used in Microsoft Windows, Apple's OS X or other GNU/Linux operating systems. It is conceived as a platform upon which children learn with Sugar [[Activities]]. The platform provides mechanisms for [[Collaboration|collaboration]], [[Activities/Portfolio|reflection]], and [[View Source|exploration]]. Sugar Activities cover a broad range of applications: browsing, drawing, composing, writing, programming, etc. See this [ gallery of screenshots]. <gallery mode="slideshow">File:Sugarlabs-home-view.png | Sugar DesktopFile:Musicblocks_1.png | MusicBlocks - A sugar ActivityFile:Neighborhood_sugarlabs.png | Collaboration on Sugar</gallery>
[[Tutorials/Introduction to the Sugar Interface|Introduction to the Sugar Interface]] describes multiple full-screen views: a Home view, from which Activities are launched; a Neighborhood view, where learners can connect to each other through a [[olpc:Community Jabber Servers|Jabber network]]; a Journal view, which can be used as a ''lab notebook''; and the Activity view, where Sugar Activities are run.

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