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Marketing Team/Events/Sugarcamp Boston 2008

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== Proposals ==
 I'm first going Moved to list all the proposals, then group them, then attempt to schedule them. If you're reading this page now, I think I finished 'listing'. The first division I'll make is between people who will be present in person, and those who will not be attending; feel free to correct if you know you will/will not attend. === Expected to attend ===* [ Journal, reloaded] (C. Scott Ananian)* [ Legacy compatibility] (C. Scott Ananian]* [ Security and isolation] (C. Scott Ananian)* [ Translation improvements] (C. Scott Ananian)* [ "Asynchronous internet"] (C. Scott Ananian)* [ Printing support] (C. Scott Ananian)* [ Shutdown menu] (Paul Fox)* [ Dealing with low memory/OOM] (Deepak Saxena)* [ Clarifying zoom] (Eben Eliason)* [ Performance] (Erik Garrison)* [ Files] (Erik Garrison)* [ Uruguay observations] (Michael Stone)* [ What's an "Activity"?] (Michael Stone)* [ Activities as Building Blocks] (Michael Stone)* [ Language learning on the XO] (Chris Ball)* [ Desktop compatibility] (Marco Gritti)* [ Top Five performance problems] (Marco Gritti)* [ Web-based activities] (Marco Gritti)* [ View source everywhere] (Tomeu Vizoso)* [ Printing] (Martin Langhoff)* [ Forgotten tools] (Michael Stone)* School Server Update (Martin Langhoff)* [ Textbooks] (Edward Cherlin)* Portfolio (Walter Bender)* [[User:Mchua/proposals#Sugarcamp brainstorm|Brainstorm: Making SugarLabs the easiest project ever to contribute to]] (Mel Chua)* [[InfrastructureTeam|Sugar Labs Infrastructure]], current status & planning (Bernie Innocenti)* [[MarketingTeam|The Gospel According to Sugar]]. How do we make the Sugar message ubiquitous? (Greg de Koenigsberg)* [ Report Cards on XOProposals] (Yamandu Ploskonka)* Interfacing with Wetware: Teacher Training (Yamandú Ploskonka)* [ Submitting homework] (from Mikus Grinbergs, shared by Yama Ploskonka) === Possibly attending via telephone ===* [ Legacy compatibility] (Sayamindu Dasgupta)* [ i18n and l18n in 9.1 and beyond] (Sayamindu Dasgupta)* [ Link local collaboration] (Morgan Collett)* [ Server based collaboration, removing Presence Service, File Transfer / Journal Object sharing] (Morgan Collett) === Not known to be attending ===* [ MouseTrap for Sugar] (Carlos Mauro)* [ Per-Country Sugar themes] (Carlos Mauro)* [ Usability testing] (Carlos Mauro)* [ Submitting homework] (Mikus Grinbergs)* [ Control Panel improvements] (Mikus Grinbergs) === Disputed === I think these are not appropriate for Sugarcamp, they are XO specific and would fit much better in January XOCamp. -- Marcopg:I think that remaining ignorant of Sugar's most widespread distro is foolish. [[User:CScott|CScott]] 19:40, 13 November 2008 (UTC) * [ Improving antitheft] (C. Scott Ananian)* [ Update improvements] (C. Scott Ananian)* [ Fedora integration] (C. Scott Ananian)* [ Power] (Chris Ball/Richard Smith)* [ Filesystems] (Deepak Saxena)* [ Build Tools] (Michael Stone)
== Events ==

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