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* Amanda Peyton (MIT Sloan project looking at the SugarLabs organizational structure)
* Ryan Kabir (new development contributor to Sugar, looking for a place to start)
* Brendan Powers (new contributor,looking for something simple to get used to the project)
* Chris Ball (from 7:30)
* Erik Blankinship (updating the Map Activity)
== Stuff to hack on ==
* Spreadsheet activity:
* Mind mapping activity:
* Make the Sugar shell react to changes in the ~/Activities dir using inotify.
* A quiz game with competitive collaboration (cjb) -- e.g. generate arithmetic problems, have a shared countdown, and then the first person to answer correctly gets the most points. Generalizable to quizes about non-math stuff too.
* A simple searching game: "hot/cold" where the XO is hiding somewhere on the screen (not displayed) and as the cursor moves closer or farther from the XO, the computer responds warmer/colder or hot/cold.
== To do ==

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