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Design Team/Logo Ideas

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====Building Blocks====
Here's a derivative idea, based on the "Sugar cube" proposal from before. If we consider representing Sugar as a building block, we could treat Sugarlabs Sugar Labs as community structure composed of those blocks, emphasizing both construction(ism) and collaboration. Please note that this is a really quick sketch, and details such as size, placement, color, font, and even the rendition of the cube should be considered in detail, if this direction seems worth exploring.
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====Eye Metaphor====
I considered trying something different. Our eyes are the organs we humans absorb the most information with, especially when using a computer. Also, SugarLabs Sugar Labs may represent an eye for its users gathering information from all over the world. This metaphor was also incorporated in the rest of the suite, while each logo incorporates the function/tool it represents in a metaphorical way.An other thing that was taken into consideration is that the SugarLabs Sugar Labs logo can be recognized/memorized easily and additionally it is functional in some cases on its own, without the need of the "SugarLabsSugar Labs" badge. Hope this helps

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