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==What are the Sugar Labs?==
Sugar is available under the free software GNU General Public License (GPL) to anyone who wants to extend it. “Sugar Labs”, a (soon to be established) non-profit foundation will serve as a support base and gathering place for the community of educators and software developers who want to extend the platform and create Sugar-compatible applications. Sugarlabs Sugar Labs software is found on the XO laptop. You can find more out about the project at
<p style="font-size: 1.2em;">[[What is Sugar? | Learn more about Sugar...]] or [[Sugar Labs | learn about Sugar Labs, the organization behind Sugar]]'''</p>
* A [[Background|background]] discussion on [[What_is_Sugar%3F|Sugar]] and [[Sugar Labs]]
* [ The Sugar category] on olpcwiki for more.
* Help us [[Logo-ideas|design a logo]] for SugarlabsSugar Labs
* [[FAQ|Frequently asked questions]]
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