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* Who is doing Sugar development?
:* Sugar is a community project. Many of the developers are contracted by OLPC, many are volunteers. You can get a raw idea of the people involve from the [[Modules]] page. A few of us are also trying to setup [[Sugar Labs:Announcing SugarLabsSugar Labs|SugarLabsSugar Labs]], a foundation to sustain development. --[[User:Marcopg|Marcopg]]
* What are the priorities for Sugar development?
:* The [;a=blob;f=roadmap.txt;hb=HEAD 1.0 Roadmap] should give you a good idea of what are the medium term priorities. --[[User:Marcopg|Marcopg]]
* Do we have a team of verification volunteers? (Should they be recruited?)
:* We don't have one but we should totally recruit it. See my and Walter notes about the verification process on [[Talk:Triage]].
:: would love to help with this, personally - need to get my feet underneath me first. Also, waiting for sugarlabs Sugar Labs to solidify in general before pulling in new people sounds like a good idea. [[User:Mchua|Mchua]] 04:50, 16 May 2008 (UTC)
* Do we want to make it easier to cross-reference bugs with each other by using something like the [ TracBacks plugin]? (Full disclosure: I wrote this.) Also potentially helpful if there will be a separate Sugar Trac: [ the TrashTalk plugin], which does external trackbacks to tickets (useful for monitoring upstream/downstream trac instances, for instance).
:* We are having a discussion about infrastructure by mail, I'll make sure we include you in the next steps. Give this a few days though, we are still defining SugarLabs Sugar Labs infrastructure and it's relation to --[[User:Marcopg|Marcopg]]
* Do we have a "trac" component on trac (to report something's broken, to request plugins, etc)? Should we?
:* Yup has such component. --[[User:Marcopg|Marcopg]]

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