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ALT Linux

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= Sugar on ALT Linux =
ALT Linux Team is an international software developers team, collectively working on [ Sisyphus].
== Setup ==
Check your source.list for correct repository urls to supported [[#Repositories|distros]].
sudo apt-get install sugar-glucose
To install core activities (and sugar-glucose) type:
sudo apt-get install sugar-fructose
To install non-core activities (and sugar-glucose) type:
sudo apt-get install sugar-honey
== Repositories ==
* Sisyphus unstable repository - development version of sugar
* Branch 4.1 stable repository - stable version of sugar
== Platforms ==
* i586
* x86_64
== Packages ==
Sugar packages are being generated by [[DeploymentTeam/jhconvert|jhconvert]] and follow its [[DeploymentTeam/jhconvert#Packages|matrix]] of package versions.
== Bugs ==Post bugs to official ALT Linux [ bug tracker] == Contacts ==* [[User:Alsroot|Aleksey Lim]]* be involved and add yourself here == Resources ==
* [ Home page]
* [ ALT Linux Sugar Team]
* [[DeploymentTeam/jhconvert|Tool to generate Sugar packages]]
[[Category:Supported systems]]

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