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Development Team/Release

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== New features proposal ==
At the beginning of each release cycle, maintainers will write a proposal for each major new feature they plan to develop. The [[ReleaseTeam/Contacts|release team's]] role is to help the community to reach a consensus on which features, modules and activities to include.
=== New activities ===
== Feature freeze ==
The feature freeze affects all the modules included in the release and comprise also strings and ABI for public libraries. Exceptions might be considered by the release team but they will be extremely rare. To request an exception send mail to It will have to be granted by two [[ReleaseTeam#People/Contacts|members]] of the team.
== Hard code freeze ==
When the hard code freeze is in effect, each and every code change should be approved by the release team. Only critical fixes will be considered. To request approval send mail to, including the patch and a detailed description of the changes, the benefits and the risks. Approval will have to be granted by two [[ReleaseTeam/Contacts#People|members]] of the team.
== Roadmap ==

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