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Sugar Labs/Current Events

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* [[User Manual]]
* [[Supported systems]]
* [[ReleaseTeam/Roadmap]]
* [[ReleaseTeam]]
* [[Taxonomy]]
* Added a palette to links in Browse. For now it allows copying the link to the clipboard. Other features will be added to this palette soon.
Simon worked in getting the [[Taxonomy#Sucrose:_The_interface.2C_plus_a_set_of_demonstration_activities|Sucrose]] [[Sucrose_0.81.1|release 0.81.1]] out of the door (See [[ReleaseTeam/Roadmap#Timeline]]). An announcement will follow soon. Simon also worked on Browse Version 87, which is the release version for Sucrose 0.81.1. It has some pylint cleanups, fixes downloads with latest xulrunner beta5 and replaces the 'Open' label with a 'Show in Journal' one in the download alert.
Marco was busy with:

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