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'''NOTE:''' the <tt><nowiki>{{Anchor|original header}}</nowiki></tt> must be in the '''previous''' line. Reason for this is that if placed below, when 'jumping' to it, the header will 'lost' (because it's above). The downside of this is that while editing a section, you can't manipulate it because it 'belongs' to the previous section.
Its use is '''discouraged''' outside the context of [[translatingTranslationTeam]] pages. If used outside that context, it is recommended to be used only within the same page (no inter-page linking using ''hidden anchors'').
If the purpose is to avoid having a <tt><nowiki>__TOC__</nowiki></tt> too deep, we should consider other solutions (heard about a <tt><nowiki>{{TOClevel|n}}</nowiki></tt> to limit the depth shown.

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