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Marketing Team/Events/FOSDEM 2009/Notes

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* Bernie gives an overview of the current state of Sugar Labs
** infrastructure (servers, services, etc.) in in place** mode of governance has been established** getting away from the ''old mindset'' (thinking like a company, asking for permission before doing something)** ''show me the code'', we will support you but you should do things yourself** SugarLabs is a community '''not''' a company** more developers are needed** people should be pointed to** a few thousand dollars have been collected via individual donations** no success in getting grants so far** Sugar Labs has no employees, should work like the Gnome foundation, people getting paid by companies who want Sugar to suceed** in the larger context SugarLabs should be responsible for high-levels decisions and setting the framework for activities** focus on setting up Local Sugar Labs, have directcontact to educators and other relevant parties in their respective communities* [ Remora]
== FOSDEM'09 ==
== Other Notes ==

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