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Talk:Activities/Turtle Art/Patching

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I'm planning to use Turtle Art to teach math, programming (in TA, Logo, and Python, at least), and Computer Science, and to write a [[Creating textbooks|book]] on it at [ FLOSS Manuals].--[[User:Mokurai|Mokurai]] 00:53, 15 March 2009 (UTC)
* Where are the magic numbers in the code documented? (a little documantation at [ Modifying_Activities]- tony)
* Is the file format for TA documented somewhere, so that we can write a Logo to TA translator? (this would require some complicated logic, the resulting block stack would have to fit on the canvas and not overlap itself too much, I have found laying out blocks a difficult task if wanting to keep a complicated program readable. Unfortunately, the canvas does not scroll - tony)

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