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Version support for datastore/Proposal

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==About my project==
* Name of project: Version support for [[Development Team/DatastoreRewriteDatastore Rewrite|data store]] / [[Design_Team/Designs/Journal|Journal]]
* Technologies used: The ones currently in use by the data store / journal. The bonus part might introduce additional ones (e.g. sqlite) for indexing.
[ was part of] the
[ original design concept]
for the Journal, but [[Development Team/DatastoreRewriteDatastore Rewrite#Versioned_entries_.28not_fulfilled_yet.29|hasn't been finished yet]].
There are several prototypes ([ Olpcfs], [ olpcfs2])
For this reason, I don't believe that any of these prototypes will mature enough to get integrated
in Sugar even mid-term. My project focusses on the version support instead, enhancing the
[[Development Team/DatastoreRewriteDatastore Rewrite|current data store]] instead of replacing it, with the Journal as the only
intended user of the versioning API (though, at least in theory, regular activities could access it as well).

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