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Version support for datastore/Progress

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report on progress
== Progress ==
=== 2009-05-16 ===
[[Marketing Team/Events/MiniCamp Paris 2009|SugarCamp]] was great! I got to know a lot of
the SugarLabs people - they're a cool bunch. :)
Time in general was too short to do anything more than getting to know each other,
but Tomeu quickly showed me an old effort at introducing version support into data
store that I didn't know about (both
[ data store]
[ Journal]).
It looks quite interesting API-wise (simply adds another,
optional parameter called <code>vid</code> that can be used to request a specific version).
Also had some time with Bernie and he offered to set up a host for VMs
(for our [ build bots]).
Unfortunately we also catched some virus in Paris, so I had to lay in bed for the next
two weeks.
=== 2009-06-01 ===
Slowly getting up to speed again, diving a bit into data store code (both old and new)
while fixing the build infrastructure (about the same time as we ran SugarCamp
Gnome did some largish changes in [ jhbuild] that broke our
[[Development Team/Jhbuild|sugar-jhbuild]]).
Discussed some possible data store API changes with [[User:alsroot|alsroot]], but they
didn't really interfere with my design and we decided to discuss them again after the
version support is finished.
[[User:tomeu|Tomeu]] had the idea of treating the current <code>object_id</code>
(distinguishing between instances of an activity) as a combined instance and version
identifier and introducing a new
"<code>super_object_id</code>" that does what <code>object_id</code> does now. The
advantage would be that activities could transparently access old versions. If we'd
introduce a <code>version_id</code> in parallel to <code>object_id</code> (the naive
approach taken by the old implementation) an activity (or at least the framework)
would need to remember and pass through the resumed <code>version_id</code> in order
to use the corresponding branch on save.

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