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Normal priority
* [ #2244] - '''Battery rollover palette inaccurate''' - This hasn't been touched for 8 months; it appears to have been harder than expected to get battery charge/discharge data. This would be a good thing for someone to pick up in conjunction with making the [ Power Activity], after verifying that it's still outstanding. [ #4208] appears to be a duplicate; if so, please close one of these and note that on the other. [ #5867] should be checked afterwards as it may be potentially related.
:* I made 2244 a dup of 5867. 4208 seem different. I think both tickets should be verified since they are old and there has been code changes --[[User:Marcopg|Marcopg]]
* [ #4464] requests documentation to be written for mime-type definition for Activities; this is already implemented (see [ #2453]. Also see [ #6145], which is one result of mime handling done not-quite-right (and a great argument for better documentation so people will do it correctly!) [ #4001] may also be mime-type related.

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