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Design Team/Proposals/Journal

273 bytes removed, 11:40, 6 July 2009
Removing Show frequency as size (non proportional) as it doesn't help much
[[Image:journal_mockup_gary_tags_gradient_palette.png|thumb|centre|640px|Tag fill colour is graduated from white to grey based on the tag frequency. Not sure we want to introduce a new 'colour' language but thought a mock-up would be worth it (though it's certainly the most visually clear indication of frequency given the space). Also works with white text and grey to black fill.]]
===== Show frequency as size =====
[[Image:journal_mockup_gary_tags_size_palette.png|thumb|centre|640px|Tag vertical heights are scaled. I've tried to keep the same total space as used by above tag palette mock-ups, but I think size discrimination is not large enough.]]
===== Show frequency as proportional size =====

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